Rocky Mountain Massage Therapeutics, LLC


Shannon Patrizio-Mt. Belford SummitAlthough therapeutic massage has been around for over 25 years, there is still a great deal of misinformation regarding the profession. This page will offer frequently asked questions and Shannon’s responses. Feel free to contact Shannon if you have a question (and her answer) you would like to see on this page.

Q :: How do I know if your particular therapeutic massage is right for me?

A :: That’s part of what makes being a therapist so challenging. Honestly, you can’t know ahead of time, except by recommendation, but you should know by the end of the session or shortly thereafter if my particular methods help reduce your pain and promote your energy level and general well-being.

Q :: I’ve never had a massage before and I am a little nervous. What can I expect?

A :: I totally understand. Many people are afraid of the unknown. You wonder what the procedure is from the time you check in. Here is something that might help lower your stress level (it’s from the organization I earned my certification from): What to expect when you get a massage.

Q :: I recently discovered I’m allergic to many lotions. Do you ever use hypoallergenic oils and lotions?

A :: Yes. Make sure you mention this when you make the appointment and when we’re reviewing your health history form. It’s also possible that you may prefer to bring your own lotion. We can discuss everything related to this when you call for an appointment.