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Shannon Patrizio at the peak of Mt. Princeton, 14,196 feet

Shannon Patrizio at the peak of Mt. Princeton, 14,196 feet

Intervention for aches, pains, and stress

Aching muscles from running, hiking, climbing, or biking? Shannon Patrizio understands. She runs, hikes, and climbs. She learned how to help people active in sports by applying strong, intuitive massage therapy. Give yourself or a special someone the gift of a healthy, beneficial massage.

Are you stressed out from juggling family, work, and community activities? Bring balance into your life with regular massage therapy. It’s wonderful for you, but also lets you interact better with others, so the benefits are like a mosaic. We work to help raise your fitness level.

Do you know someone who recently gave birth? We offer the finest after-pregnancy massage in the Springs. The months and years following birth tend to be a very busy time for mothers, who often find themselves frazzled hauling around little ones and handling the many other activities involved with raising children. Consider giving the gift of a massage to such a person, and feel free to contact us with questions.

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, strains and sprains, frozen shoulders, migraines, back pain? Talk with your physician about the benefits of careful, professional massage therapy. In any event, contact Rocky Mountain Massage Therapeutics and find out if we can help increase your quality of life.

Your health is our primary concern

Many of our clients come to us on the recommendation of physicians, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals. And they stay. Yes, we’re enthusiastic about your fitness, but we will not preach to you nor will we try to push supplements or other fitness products. At the beginning of each session we cover any new issues, and at the end we talk about what might work best for you . . . like staying hydrated, working on better posture, and “lite” exercise,  Our aim is that while you are having a massage, you are comfortable, and that when you walk out of our office, you are just plain relaxed.